Wacky Weekend: NERC to relax power grid frequency strictures

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Sat Jun 25 22:32:09 UTC 2011

On 6/25/2011 15:12, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> I have never seen a generator that syncs to the utility for live, no
> break transfer.  I'm sure such a thing exists, but that sounds crazy
> dangerous to me.  Generators sync to each other, not the utility.

Most of these come in open, delayed, or closed transition models:

For open and closed transitions you'll most certainly want to sync to
utility to transition between the two. For the delayed transition model
it'll stop at the intermediate "open" point for a configurable amount of
time during which the load is disconnected from everything (i.e. let all
the motors spin down first).


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