Using IPv6 with prefixes shorter than a /64 on a LAN

Phil Regnauld regnauld at
Mon Jan 24 08:26:12 CST 2011

bmanning at (bmanning) writes:
>  as a test case, i built a small home network out of  /120. works just fine.
> my home network has been native IPv6 for about 5 years now, using a /96 and IVI.
> some thoughts.  disable RD/RA/ND.
> 		none of the DHCPv6 code works like DHCP, so I re-wrote
> 			client and server code so that it does.
> 		static address assignment is a good thing for services like DNS/HTTP
> 		secure dynmaic update is your friend
> summary - its not easy, vendors don't want to help.  but it can be done.

	Right - /64 is an assumption that's hardcoded many places.

	But it does work.

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