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Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at
Mon Jan 17 16:12:27 CST 2011

Our listing is misleading. They show me specifically what needs to be
done and why and we will act on it. The problem is that they expect me
to dig through our customer database and correlate various customers
to ROKSO listings. I don't have the resources for this. If they show
me where the problem exists I will fix it but so far they do nothing
but preemptively block our entire /21 in an attempt to scare us into
mass removal of customers.

Someone there needs to reply to my questions so I can act on their
request. Also, they need to get in touch with ME DIRECTLY before they
ban an entire ISP on multiple occasions. I liken their strategy to
setting ants on fire and watching them scurry. I've showed a
willingness to work with them and correct problems but they think
their only option is to list the entire company each time they need
something done.


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 4:23 PM, Andrew Kirch <trelane at> wrote:
> I'm not Spamhaus.  I don't necessarily agree with their listing
> policies, but reading your SBL record,
>, it appears that
> someone from your ISP has been in contact with Spamhaus, and were less
> than thorough in removing the spam gang you guys signed on (PTR
> records?), or were less than honest about removing them in the first
> place.  For the rest of my life I will mentally equate "DDoS protection
> solutions" with "foonet".  It hasn't failed me since 2001, and doesn't
> seem to fail me today.
> Andrew
> On 1/17/2011 3:15 PM, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
>> Someone at Spamhaus please contact me concerning your second
>> consecutive preemptive strike against our IP space.
>> Fun Fact: No one at Spamhaus has ever successfully sent us an abuse
>> complaint. Also, some rocket scientist decided that their
>> [email protected] box should also filter e-mail so blocked parties can't
>> even get in touch. As such, it will be necessary to reply to
>> jeffrey.lyon at vs. .
>> You claim to monitor [email protected] but it seems i've been ignored for
>> several hours.

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