arin and ops fora (was Re: AltDB?)

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Jan 11 14:15:15 UTC 2011

On 1/11/2011 12:57 AM, David Conrad wrote:
> Or not.  It may be that network operators (not just the ones that show up at ARIN meetings and are on PPML) are happy with the existing communication channels and that additional structures to encourage participation and input in the ARIN region regarding services ARIN provides to the public are unnecessary.

Public easily reachable people. Public information on operations and 
what they do on their website with tons of pointers (even if it's not 
laid out the best). Public participation mailing lists. Presence of key 
people on other lists such as nanog.

What more is an org supposed to do to communicate with people? Even the 
CEO lurks on nanog and responds when necessary. What community were you 
wanting them to interface with? I could be wrong, but I suspect any 
genius ideas which the CEO hears via the various communication mediums 
may quickly find it's way to be implemented. Sure, it may get restricted 
to some degree depending on how people in PPML feel about it. I'm sure 
the membership has some say on how their money is spent. Neither of 
these things limit the ability to suggest an idea.


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