arin and ops fora (was Re: AltDB?)

David Conrad drc at
Tue Jan 11 00:57:32 CST 2011


On Jan 9, 2011, at 8:40 AM, Lee Howard wrote:
> Are you saying ARIN needs an ombudsman function to make sure the Board doesn't delay implementation of things the community wants while it figures out whether doing such things will prevent it from doing other things the community wants?

No (or at least I don't think so -- I have difficulty parsing that sentence). I'm suggesting that the informal input mechanisms historically and currently used by ARIN to determine what should be done (and to some extent how) may be insufficient, inefficient, and/or imply certain risks given that many of the services provided by ARIN are done on a monopoly basis and failure of those service could have global effect.

Or not.  It may be that network operators (not just the ones that show up at ARIN meetings and are on PPML) are happy with the existing communication channels and that additional structures to encourage participation and input in the ARIN region regarding services ARIN provides to the public are unnecessary. 

> I don't understand how this bee-watcher-watcher thing works.

Sorry, which?


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