arin and ops fora (was Re: AltDB?)

Jack Bates jbates at
Mon Jan 10 17:28:34 CST 2011

On 1/10/2011 5:13 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Members may bring any topic of interest to arin-discuss. The fact that there is more
> traffic on ppml dealing with the NRPM than there is on arin-discuss dealing with other
> issues is a matter of where the members choose to focus their attention more than
> anything else.
Would that be the list I've tried to subscribe to multiple times, get an 
autoresponder that it has to be approved, and then never hear a word?

> PPML is a forum for the community (not just ARIN members, the entire 
> community).
Good to know. I was under the impression that it was member only.

> There is a separate mailing list... arin-discuss which is for members of ARIN to discuss
> any ARIN-related topic of interest to the membership. They can and sometimes do
> discuss operational matters there.
Except it's listed as no input from ARIN itself?

> Everything you are asking for in your last paragraph is available. Perhaps what is needed
> is better education of the membership and community on what tools are available and how
> to use them. Were you familiar with arin-discuss prior to this message? If so, in what way
> does it not meet the need you are describing?
I can't get subscribed, so, :P

I also haven't seen on the website pointers for where different tools 
and resources fall into for community review, comment, suggestion, etc. 
Perhaps it's just my website navigation skills. However, as I said 
previously, I have no serious complaints. It's not like the AC and CEO 
aren't publicly visible and vocal.


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