ARIN resource certification service update

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Jan 6 14:16:29 CST 2011

hi john, sorry to disturb your cruise.

as you know, from the get go, the hierarchic nature of the pki has
worried the ops folk involved.  this is why documents such as
draft-ietf-sidr-rpki-origin-ops-00.txt say things such as

   RPKI-based origin validation has been designed so that, with prudent
   local routing policies, there is no liability that normal Internet
   routing is threatened by unprudent deployment of the global RPKI, see
   Section 5.


5.  Routing Policy

   Origin validation based on the RPKI merely marks a received
   announcement as having an origin which is Validated, Unknown, or
   Invalid.  How this is used in routing is up to the router operator's
   local policy.  See [I-D.pmohapat-sidr-pfx-validate].

   Reasonable application of local policy should be designed eliminate
   the threat of unroutability of prefixes due to ill-advised or
   incorrect certification policies.

   As origin validation will be rolled out over years coverage will be
   spotty for a long time.  Hence a normal operator's policy should not
   be overly strict, perhaps preferring valid announcements and giving
   very low preference, but still using, invalid announcements.

   Some may choose to use the large Local-Preference hammer.  Others
   might choose to let AS-Path rule and set their internal metric, which
   comes after AS-Path in the BGP decision process.

   Certainly, routing on unknown validity state will be prevalent for a
   long time.

   Until the community feels comfortable relying on RPKI data, routing
   on invalid origin validity, though at a low preference, may be
   prevalent for a long time.

   Announcements with valid origins SHOULD be preferred over those with
   unknown or invalid origins.

   Announcements with unvalidatable origins SHOULD be preferred over
   those with invalid origins.

   Announcements with invalid origins MAY be used, but SHOULD be less
   preferred than those with valid or unknown.

of course, in the US, this will not prevent litigation.  nothing will.
it's a mental disease.


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