ARIN and the RPKI (was Re: AltDB?)

Kevin Oberman oberman at
Thu Jan 6 13:03:30 CST 2011

> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 14:24:01 +0900
> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
> > I think ACLs here means prefix-lists ... or I hope that's what Randy
> > meant?
> sorry.  yes, irr based prefix lists.  and, sad to say, data which have
> sucked for 15+ years.  i was the poster child for the irr, and it just
> never took off.
> [ irr data are pretty bad except for some islands where there is culture
>   of maintining them.  and, as it is a global internet, islands don't
>   help much.  europe and japan are two islands with better than the
>   average irr data quality.  and they have rpki rolling to varied
>   degrees. ]

The day of reasonable accuracy of the IRR ended when UUnet bought
ANI. Since ANI actually used the IRR to generate there router configs
and ANI was pretty big, people were really forced to register. Curtis
had a lot of excellent software that did all sorts of impressive stuff
with the IRR, but I guess that all went into the bit bucket when UUnet
took over.

Very, very sad!
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