Speed Test Results

Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Sat Dec 24 05:35:39 UTC 2011

On 23/12/2011 21:26, Michael Holstein wrote:
> They are excellent tools for generating user complaints.

I find that they are useful for filtering out some of the completely 
bogus complaints. We encourage customers to include some test results 
when they contact our NOC to avoid being ignored when they send an "its 
slow" complaint.

That said - people get fixated on the numbers. 80% of the purchased 
speed on non-CIR services is cause for a complaint.

Our biggest issue is people doing tests to destinations 300+ ms away 
that only last for a few seconds and then complaining about poor 
performance. As soon as you mention things like bandwidth delay product 
the eyes glaze over. Heavy use of lossy WISP access network providers 
doesn't help.

Graham Beneke

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