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Joe Hamelin joe at nethead.com
Sat Dec 24 05:58:54 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Graham Beneke <graham at apolix.co.za> wrote:

> That said - people get fixated on the numbers. 80% of the purchased speed
> on non-CIR services is cause for a complaint.
> Our biggest issue is people doing tests to destinations 300+ ms away that
> only last for a few seconds and then complaining about poor performance. As
> soon as you mention things like bandwidth delay product the eyes glaze
> over. Heavy use of lossy WISP access network providers doesn't help.

Or that most ADSL lines have about 20% ATM cell "tax" on them.

I did get caught up on a speed test today.  I was turning up a GBLX 100Mb
circuit.  I got the /30 and all the pings were good to the router.  I then
pinged some known hosts in the Westin (about a block away where GBLX's
router was) and saw some not so nice ping times.  I then ran a speedtest
and only got about 2Mb/s.  Come to find out that this was going to be an
MPLS path to the company's California office. Since it hadn't been setup
fully the router had found some path through it's management network to
ping the world through the tester's DSL line on the other side.

So, know the path you are testing.

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