IPV6 issue (occaid.net)

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 20 17:12:33 UTC 2011

On 12/20/11 06:33, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> On 2011-12-20 15:17 , Steve Clark wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a SIXXS ipv6 tunnel that terminates in Ashburn, Va.
>> I have two HE ipv6 tunnels, one terminates in Dallas the other
>> terminate in Ashburn. I can ping each endpoint of the tunnels that
>> terminate
>> in Ashburn, but I can't ping between the SIXXS and HE with the HE
>> termination in Dallas.
>> Using Looking Glass at HE I can traceroute to my SIXXS tunnel from
>> Chicago but
>> not from Dallas.
>> Any ideas on how to get this fixed.
> Contact the providers involved directly?
> Sending a mail to ipv6 at he.net + info at sixxs.net should get you what you
> need, given that you actually provide IP addresses and other such useful
> diagnostics like interface configuration, routing tables etc etc etc.
> The above mail is far from useful and nobody would be able to help you
> in anyway except to state the above.

Actually, I was about to send a message about this.  I believe the 
problem is in occaid.net, particularly their router in Atlanta.

SIXXS uses a variety of providers at various PoPs to provide their 
tunnel connectivity and occaid.net is the provider at Ashburn (I have a 
SIXXS tunnel there as well).  Tracerouting from the West Coast or Texas 
goes through occaid.net's router in Atlanta and dies there with 'network 

traceroute6 to burnttofu.net (2001:4830:1600:3bf::2) from 
2001:470:1f05:17a6:219:d1ff:fe26:5246, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
  1  2001:470:1f05:17a6::1  0.316 ms  0.321 ms  0.321 ms
  2  100000-1.tunnel.tserv3.fmt2.ipv6.he.net  28.000 ms  22.402 ms 
26.169 ms
  3  gige-g5-19.core1.fmt2.he.net  16.697 ms  18.046 ms  15.891 ms
  4  10gigabitethernet6-4.core1.lax1.he.net  23.735 ms  25.327 ms  25.711 ms
  5  10gigabitethernet1-3.core1.lax2.he.net  25.708 ms  24.923 ms  25.793 ms
  6  2001:504:13::8  25.713 ms  23.731 ms  25.705 ms
  7  bbr01-v441.atln01.occaid.net  80.617 ms !N  88.252 ms !N  79.369 ms !N

Tracerouting from the East Coast is fine:
traceroute6 to burnttofu.net (2001:4830:1600:3bf::2) from 
2001:470:30:80:e076:63ff:fe88:2d62, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
  1  2001:470:30:80::2  21.739 ms  1.938 ms  2.474 ms
  2  gige-g3-3.core1.nyc4.he.net  8.678 ms  2.710 ms  2.596 ms
  3  10gigabitethernet2-3.core1.ash1.he.net  7.488 ms  7.168 ms  8.449 ms
  4  ibr01-ve96.asbn01.occaid.net  7.211 ms  7.272 ms  7.177 ms
  5  equi6ix.dc.hotnic.net  9.789 ms  8.597 ms  8.610 ms
  6  sixxs-asbnva-gw.customer.occaid.net  8.782 ms  8.100 ms  9.522 ms
  7  cl-960.qas-01.us.sixxs.net  22.621 ms  20.880 ms  21.072 ms

Attempts to get a response from noc at occaid.net regarding this issue over 
the past 36 hours have failed.  If there is anyone here from occaid.net 
or knows a clueful person there, can you please point them to this thread.

I still think it's a good idea to contact info at sixxs.net, so they know 
what's going on, but I don't think it's actually their problem.


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