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Mark Tinka mtinka at
Wed Dec 7 03:45:13 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, December 07, 2011 06:18:07 AM Jeff Saxe wrote:

> - Currently runs only RSTP, but not MST. So difficult to
> load-balance redundant links into our switching core. I
> don't remember if MST is on the planned feature list.

We run LACP either to the same or different routers 
depending on a few internal factors.

For LACP to different routers, we use MC-LAG.

Don't want to have to deal with "Spamming" Tree :-).

> - Currently no true IPv6 support. You can hand off IPv6
> over a "straight transparent LAN" connection, but you
> can't use the DHCP snooping / IP source verify features,
> which they have in v4, to ensure that a customer must
> use DHCPv6 to get their address and then cannot
> impersonate another customer with a manual IPv6 address.
> Calix says full IPv6 support is planned.

Same problem on the Huawei, too.

Full support is planned for mid-to-late 2013. Of course, 
that puts a dent in our plans.

> - We had a few 711GX ONTs that developed optical
> transceiver failures in the field. It could be something
> that we did, but it seemed to me that it was just a bad
> batch of components in that specific product, since the
> 710GX and 711GE and 716GE's were all fine. All were
> replaced under warranty just fine, so no complaints
> other than customer downtime and our time to repair.

We've found that the Huawei works well with other vendor 
optics too. Cisco, Juniper, OEM's. All good.

Of course, for 10Gbps uplinks, the SFP+ units are bought 
from Huawei. We have some SPF+ modules from Cisco and their 
OEM's, but haven't tried them on the Huawei. Experience 
suggests it would work, but they're quite premium that we 
always need them for the Cisco's anyway :-).

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