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Nick Colton ncolton at
Tue Dec 6 22:30:03 UTC 2011

We have a Calix C7 as well as some E7-2's in a few markets for a little
over a year.  We only deal with GPON/AE deployments and the C7 worked to
get us started but the E7 is definitely more purpose built for ethernet &
fiber services. Just started several major build-outs which pushed us to
re-evaluate vendors and after looking at a few other vendors we ended up
going back to the Calix E7 platform. Due to price and features vs other
vendors.  We have three E7-20's that we're turning up.  I would agree with
Jeff's positives.  They are starting to roll out indoor ONT's which will
shave some cost off of the ONT & Battery for the CPE.

- They do only support RSTP now, not MST but in our deployment we have 2 x
10 GE LAG ports on two separate line switching cards.  MST will be coming
in a future release.

- True IPv6 support is coming next year

- Quite a few other new features coming in the next year that we're excited
to see.

Feel free to ping me off-list if you have any other questions.

Nick Colton
Director of Network Operations
ALLO Communications

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Josh V. Hoppes <jhoppes at> wrote:

> Hello NANOG,
> Due to unforeseen circumstances we need to consider alternative vendors
> for our GPON system, moving away from Motorola.  We wanted to throw out a
> line and find out what other networks have deployed and what experiences
> they have had positive or negative with them. Thanks in advance for any
> replies.
> Josh Hoppes
> Network Engineer
> Cedar Falls Utilities

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