GPON Vendors

Mark Tinka mtinka at
Wed Dec 7 03:25:19 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, December 07, 2011 03:52:20 AM Josh V. Hoppes 

> Due to unforeseen circumstances we need to consider
> alternative vendors for our GPON system, moving away
> from Motorola.  We wanted to throw out a line and find
> out what other networks have deployed and what
> experiences they have had positive or negative with
> them. Thanks in advance for any replies.

We're using Huawei for this.

It's a stable system, and they do this quite well. Watch out 
for the EMS though; it's great for management and 
provisioning, but customer migration is not supported (yet).

The ONU that ships from Huawei is also not terribly good as 
a clever CPE. So if you're thinking of doing interesting 
things, suggest you use their ONU as a bridge and have 
something else terminating the PPPoE/DHCP sessions.

Otherwise, I'd certainly recommend looking at Huawei for 
this. We've been reasonably happy using them for our FTTH 
and IPTv deployment.


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