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Jonathan Towne jtowne at
Tue Dec 6 23:28:43 UTC 2011

Another vote for Calix here, but we started with Occam B-series gear (DSL+POTS) and
kept buying their gear into the GPON times.  Calix bought them.. so the vote is for
Calix, even though I haven't used their C or E series gear.

I do a fair amount of scripting for various tasks and have been fairly happy with
their EPS ring protection.. not exactly like running [M|R]STP, but really quite
resilient, at any rate.

Their software is all running on a Linux core, has a decent (but not great)
Cisco-ish CLI, and a very good web-UI.  It seems like they're focusing more on the
web-UI than the CLI, these days, but both are built on the same internals.

We use B-6322 GPON blades (and quite a few of them, adding more on a daily basis..)
and mainly their 12 blade chassis'.  These chassis only have an option for -48VDC
power, but are very well built overall, and the software is getting better on every
new release.  I expect we're nearing a sort of magic period of time when the Calix
engineers and the Occam engineers are on the same page and really making progress,
copying the best features from each platform onto the other.  It seems to be showing
in the early OccamOS 7.x releases, I can't speak for the C/E OS', I've never used

-- Jonathan Towne

On Tue, Dec 06, 2011 at 07:52:20PM +0000, Josh V. Hoppes scribbled:
# Hello NANOG,
# Due to unforeseen circumstances we need to consider alternative vendors for our GPON system, moving away from Motorola.  We wanted to throw out a line and find out what other networks have deployed and what experiences they have had positive or negative with them. Thanks in advance for any replies.
# Josh Hoppes
# Network Engineer
# Cedar Falls Utilities

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