IPv6 version of www.qwest.com/www.centurylink.com has been down for 10 days

Dale W. Carder dwcarder at wisc.edu
Thu Aug 18 10:29:34 CDT 2011

Thus spake Leigh Porter (leigh.porter at ukbroadband.com) on Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:47:19AM +0000:
> It seems that any IPv6 efforts by organisations are best effort at most with of course some notable exceptions who seem to offer a really very good service (HE for example). It's starting to get to a point now, I think, that some end users have IPv6 (Andrews and Arnold have offered IPv6 for years) and issues such as these are just going to start to give IPv6 a bad name in the eyes of consumers.
> It'd really suck for end users to start actively avoiding IPv6 connectivity because it keeps breaking and for organisations that have active AAAA records to break peoples connectivity to their resources.

This, as Frank points out is why getting Happy Eyeballs support into
applications like web browsers is so important.  I think modern versions
of Chrome & Firefox do this.  Safari does something similar, but
arguably more naive.  I don't know about IE.


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