Cisco Ironport and to get delisted?

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Wed Aug 17 18:40:05 CDT 2011

Thanks for the tip (BTW, top-post haters, I didn't start it!).  I was quickly
delisted by SpamCop, but here is their response:

Once all spam issues have been addressed, **reputation recovery can take anywhere
from a few hours to __just over one week__ to improve**, depending on the specifics
of the situation, and how much email volume the IP sends. Complaint ratios determine
the amount of risk for receiving mail from an IP, so logically, reputation improves
as the ratio of legitimate mails increases with respect to the number of complaints.

Speeding up the process is not really possible. SenderBase Reputation is an
automated system over which we have very little manual influence.

Mailflow policy is the sole domain and responsibility of the recipient;SenderBase
has no control over how passive or aggressive Cisco-IronPort customers choose to be
when implementing SenderBase reputation information.

While the reputation is improving, we suggest contacting domains which are rejecting
or throttling mail from the IP, and request they whitelist the IP temporarily.

-SenderBase Support

> In sort, wait...  Once you're de-listed from SpamCop (which is owned by
> IronPort and plays a non-trivial part in their SenderBase scoring) you
> should find that your reputation increases fairly quickly - normally within
> 24 hours presuming that the spam has actually stopped.
>   Scott.
> On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 1:57 PM, <up at> wrote:
>> We had two users fall for a phishing email recently, and of course the
>> result was
>> that he gave his user/pass to a spammer.  We caught one of them in time,
>> but the
>> other got out many thousands of spam the other night before being
>> discovered.
>> I am in the process of cleaning this up.  Spamcop and others were good
>> about
>> delisting us promptly.  Others will within the next day.
>> However, "Senderbase", apparently used in Cisco's Ironport, will let you
>> look up
>> your IP and tell you that your reputation is "poor", but offers no way to
>> get
>> delisted.  It refers you to Spamcop, which I imagine they rely on for
>> listings,
>> but not delistings.
>> For now, I'm re--routing per domain to a second server, but I'd appreciate
>> any
>> tips if there are any.  Seems a lot of .edu's use senderbase.

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