Cisco Ironport and to get delisted?

Scott Howard scott at
Wed Aug 17 16:57:41 CDT 2011

In sort, wait...  Once you're de-listed from SpamCop (which is owned by
IronPort and plays a non-trivial part in their SenderBase scoring) you
should find that your reputation increases fairly quickly - normally within
24 hours presuming that the spam has actually stopped.


On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 1:57 PM, <up at> wrote:

> We had two users fall for a phishing email recently, and of course the
> result was
> that he gave his user/pass to a spammer.  We caught one of them in time,
> but the
> other got out many thousands of spam the other night before being
> discovered.
> I am in the process of cleaning this up.  Spamcop and others were good
> about
> delisting us promptly.  Others will within the next day.
> However, "Senderbase", apparently used in Cisco's Ironport, will let you
> look up
> your IP and tell you that your reputation is "poor", but offers no way to
> get
> delisted.  It refers you to Spamcop, which I imagine they rely on for
> listings,
> but not delistings.
> For now, I'm re--routing per domain to a second server, but I'd appreciate
> any
> tips if there are any.  Seems a lot of .edu's use senderbase.

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