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> What kind of UPS? Seems most here prefer APC. Perhaps that's a topic for
> another thread...

If you want products available at the local big box retailer APC
is pretty much the only quality choice.  If you're willing to go
to more effort to get one there are better choices.

All the actual EE's I know are most impressed with the PowerWare
(now Eaton Power) designs.  For insance their 5110 is a line-interactive
design built with quality components.  The last I looked APC did
not have a line-interactive design in this price range; they were
all the "standby" design.  Eaton does have some cheaper standby
units, I can't make any comment about them.

With any UPS the key is replacing the batteries at the appropriate
time.  Most batteries are rated for 3-5 years.  If conditions are
right, you might be able to push that to 6 or so.  If your battery
is older than that, replace it or you might as well not have a UPS.

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