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Tue Apr 26 04:00:39 UTC 2011

On 4/25/11 8:12 PM, Andrew Kirch wrote:
>> Speaking of which, is there an IPv6 tunnel broker that actually
>> >  charges money and where one can get real support? I would like to be
>> >  able to refer people who complain about SIXXS and others offering
>> >  support below expectation from some users.
>> >
> This is a valid point.  We want people to adopt IPv6, and to do this,
> they either have to be a huge ISP, or deal with 400ms ping times (one
> broker), or harassing/abusive volunteers (another broker).  Now, I
> understand they're volunteers, I understand it's their own time, I
> understand that we are all (myself included) complete morons wasting
> their time.  But if these two groups want people to take IPv6 seriously
> (you know, before the ceiling comes down on our heads), maybe they
> should take it seriously.
> Andrew

I do believe Hurricane Electric may offer paid ipv6 services, including 
tunnel.  Could always drop them a line and see.

Up until last month when native ipv6 came online with our upstream, we 
had a ipv6 bgp peer tunnel from them - only issues were mostly bugs in 
foundry's ipv6 code on our end.

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