Youtube Geolocation

Harry Strongburg harry.nanog at
Fri Apr 22 01:50:59 UTC 2011

On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 04:36:50PM -0500, Dan White wrote:
> We're experiencing very poor quality with You Tube, and it appears we're
> subject to a bad entry within a geolocation database somewhere.
> When we attempt to view videos, the contact comes back to us from IPs like:
> (traceroute's through Frankfurt)
> All of those IPs are >125ms away from us (, and

I had a similar issue, but it was mainly only over IPv6. According to 
someone I spoke to at Google, bumping up the MTU might help (and did 
help for me). I don't remember my previous MTU (I think it was 1280), 
but once I bumped it up to 1480 or so, my packets stopped getting routed 
to Europe (from NY) and worked properly. Maybe a similar issue could be 
with their IPv4 routers? Try increasing the MTU.

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