Implementations/suggestions for Multihoming IPv6 for DSL sites

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Thu Apr 7 18:38:24 UTC 2011

On 4/7/2011 02:27, Daniel STICKNEY wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm investigating how to setup multihoming for IPv6 over two DSL lines
> (different ISPs), and I wanted to see if this wheel has already been
> invented. Has anyone already set this up or tested it ?
> In my research into the proposed solutions I came across this document
> "IEEE Communications Surveys - 2nd Quarter 2006, Volume 8, No. 2"
> ( which seems quite thorough. It
> compares routing methods, middle-box methods, and host-centric methods.
> It mentions "During the last years, the IETF has made several explicit
> or implicit architectural decisions regarding IPv6 multihoming. The main
> decision is to go down the path of developing the host-centric
> approaches" as well as "Host-centric multihoming, the approach promoted
> by the IETF for IPv6 multihoming, [...]". After the comparison of all
> host-centric methods it adds " [...], the IETF has decided by the end of
> 2004 to foster the SHIM approach."
> This approach looks interesting to me after all the comparisons, though
> I'm less familiar with it. I'm interested to hear your real-world
> experiences on this topic.

It doesn't exist in practice; real world is BGP multihoming. Everything
else is still just an academic exercise.


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