Routers in Data Centers

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>>>>> From the datacenter operator prospective, it would be nice if some of these vendors would acknowledge the need for front-to-back cooling. I mean, it is 2010.
>> Bakplanes make direct front to back cooling hard. non-modular platforms can do it just fine however.
> There are servers and storage arrays that have a front that is nothing
> but hot-swap hard drive bays (plugged into backplanes), and they've been
> doing front-to-back cooling since day one.  Maybe the router vendors
> need to buy a Dell, open the case, and take a look.

The backplane for a sata disk array is 8 wires per drive plus a common power bus.
> The server vendors also somehow manage to make an empty case that costs
> less than $10,000 (they'll even fill it up with useful stuff for less
> than that).

Unit volume is little higher, and the margins kind of suck. There's a reason why hp would rather sell you a blade server chassis than 16 1us.

Equating servers and routers is like equating bouncy castle prices with renting an oil platform.

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