ISP port blocking practice

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Mon Sep 13 19:10:09 UTC 2010

Most of us tend to do only default settings,it would better if we dig better
into our settings and apply stricter rules to enhance security

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>>> Really? So, since so many ISPs are blocking port 25, there's lots
> less
>>> spam hitting our networks?
>>Less than there could be. It appears a lot less effective because
> there
>>are so many ISPs not doing any blocking. Both of my residential
>>connections are open, and always have been. (even dialup was unblocked.
>>which I always found odd since the UUNET wholesale dialup agreement
>>requires the RADIUS response contain a packet filter limiting port 25
> to
>>your mail server(s).)
>>If I block port 25 on my network, no spam will originate from it.
>>(probablly) The spammers will move on to a network that doesn't block
>>their crap. As long as there are such open networks, spam will be
>>rampant. If, overnight, every network filtered port 25, spam would all
>>but disappear. But spam would not completely disappear -- it would
> just
>>be coming from known mailservers :-) thus enters outbound scanning and
>>the frustrated user complaints from poorly tuned systems...
> This is what we (network admins) get paid to do! If we are running a
> server that is a security risk to the net, then we can't complain when
> it gets filtered. It is our job to do our due diligence and ensure our
> servers are not spam hot-beds or open relays (or other bad stuff,
> etc...).
> The port 25 blocking simply prevents the largest volume of hosts in an
> ISP network, the users, from being a spam delivery platform.
> - Brian
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