[OT} Re: seek cable/dsl provider in Troy MI 48083 USA

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 22:37:35 UTC 2010

On 9/3/10 9:49 AM, nanog at ilk.net wrote:
> for a customer at
> Stephenson Highway
> Troy, MI 48083 USA
> we seek an internet access/service provider,
> cable/xdsl/... would be ok,
> fixed ip-address prefered.
I use WOW hereabouts, have sometimes used Comcast elsewhere, and
have been known (in one instance) to rip the ATT lines and access
box off the side of the building and loop it (nicely tied) over the
lowest pole rung....

Unless, of course, you are a budding ISP yourself; in which case
you have to use ATT -- or run your own competing fiber.

> Please answer off-list.
Why?  You've bothered a hundred thousand network engineers with a
local sales query, so it must be really really important to the
North American Network Operations!

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