Blocking International DNS

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Thu Nov 25 12:24:17 CST 2010

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Joakim Aronius <joakim at> writes:
>> * Suresh Ramasubramanian (ops.lists at wrote:
>>> This isnt new - there have been proposals elsewhere for a resolver
>>> based blacklist of child porn sites.
>> Swedish ISPs are required to enforce a DNS blacklist for childporn,
>> perhaps also other European countries.
> Yes, this has alrady spread to a number of European countries:
>> And once you get these things in place you never know where it will end...

Now i know NANOG should not carry political discussion, but really, we 
should not even -need- to lobby.

Unlike the self-proclaimed "entertainment industry" we, the isps, OWN AND 
OPERATE a critical infrastructure, of which the governments in the past 
have proven incapable of running something like that themselves (you end 
up with a 1970s style telephone network every time they try ;)

They simply need to be explained that the internet is a take it or leave 
it deal.

Countries that work against us, should simply be LEFT. close your offices, 
fire everyone, pay your taxes somewhere else, fuck them.

option B is a hostile takeover on the entire entertainment industry, in 
order to get rid of them, by using the massive amounts of cashflow 
available in our industry, all of those companies, disney, vivendi 
(universal) viacom, etc are on the stock exchange, and therefore 
vulnerable to hostile takeovers and fucking around with their listing by 
means of options.

They have started a war with the wrong motherfuckers... just that the 
wrong motherfuckers need to figure out that not all "connected parties" 
are working in the interest of the internet, several (disney, time warner) 
are trying to take control over the internet and make it a one way 
broadcast system that only carries THEIR content to THEIR viewers.

We still are in a position to stop them, i say we should.

Besides, court orders only hold any value for specific countries, i'm 
quite sure you're all quite capable of just shifting your 
activities/billing to another one, as are we (and pretty much in real time 
as well :P should the situation require that.

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