Blocking International DNS

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Subject: Re: Blocking International DNS Date: Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 12:55:56PM +0100 Quoting Joakim Aronius (joakim at
> * Suresh Ramasubramanian (ops.lists at wrote:
> > This isnt new - there have been proposals elsewhere for a resolver
> > based blacklist of child porn sites.
> >
> Swedish ISPs are required to enforce a DNS blacklist for childporn, 


No, they are not _required_ to. Several ISPen market themselves by not
implementing the blocking. 
The larger, family-oriented ISPen do enforce the list on their resolvers. 
Circumvention is trivial, though. 

> And once you get these things in place you never know where it will end...

That, OTOH, is true. 

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