Migrating from PPP to DHCPo82

MKS rekordmeister at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 09:40:41 CST 2010

Hi list

I work for an small ISP, which does traditional xDSL service with PPPoE.
Currently we are in the process of migrating most of our customers to
DHCP (some customers are getting new CPEs and some will be sw upgraded
remotely ). It would be great if someone has the time to share their
experience (on- or offline) from such a migration. Common pitfals and
perhaps what whey would do differently "next time".
I know that every network is different but I believe that there are
some general concerns, specially around security of DHCP and security
features for vendors around DHCP and DHCP snooping etc.

What about 802.1x, is that generally being deployed with option82?


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