Migrating from PPP to DHCPo82

Ingo Flaschberger if at xip.at
Mon Nov 8 09:57:00 CST 2010


> I work for an small ISP, which does traditional xDSL service with PPPoE.
> Currently we are in the process of migrating most of our customers to
> DHCP (some customers are getting new CPEs and some will be sw upgraded
> remotely ). It would be great if someone has the time to share their
> experience (on- or offline) from such a migration. Common pitfals and
> perhaps what whey would do differently "next time".
> I know that every network is different but I believe that there are
> some general concerns, specially around security of DHCP and security
> features for vendors around DHCP and DHCP snooping etc.

option82 is great, but differs from vendor to vender - I use always a 
custom string.

a pitfal is, when you try to give a dslam port a static ip with a 
isc-dhcpd, thats not possible. (I have modfied isc-dhcpd to have a fixed 
size option82 hardware type).

also pools and leasetimes could be problematic, when getting low.

> What about 802.1x, is that generally being deployed with option82?

more security - but not always supported, I have not yet tested or needed 
this feature.

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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