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While I replied of list, RouterOS (Mikrotik) can do 100meg in many of
their inexpensive devices.  WE have a fiber loop here running our office
that we can pull 70+ meg and its a 200 buck unit!  We actually make a
device called a PowerRouter, these are x86 versions, vs 680mhz mips
processors.  These can route at GigE speeds.  Not to mention you get all
of the firewalling, traffic management, QoS, etc with it as well.
Just another option.  

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On 5/27/10 11:46 AM, Chris Burwell wrote:
> Brielle: Thank you for the info about the Ethernet port on the ONT. I
> will make sure to relay that information. At this point I believe they
> would want to make their service stable and worry about maximum
> bandwidth once that is done.

I was actually corrected off list that its possible to get 100mbit over 
100Base-TX, but its entirely possible that cheapie cards and such may 
not be able to hit that high of performance.

> The router they have is the MI424WR, which is what I have for my home
> service. I don't have many complaints about it at home, however it's
> clear that it's not up to the task in the case of my client. They have
> had the router replaced by Verizon 4 times in about as many months.

I believe its possible to install DD-WRT on the MI424WR.

You might have luck with running pure Linux on that rather then Jungo's 
commercial linux abomination that Verizon uses.

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