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Thu May 27 17:24:18 UTC 2010

pssst ...

Anybody wanna buy a block of 240 ... I got /8s, /16s, /24s, even a 
/32 if you want just one to "frame" ... or you can have the whole 
240/4 for such a deal
No guarantees they will work, but they are one of those {soon to be 
rare} unassigned IPv4 addresses you've heard so much about

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> > Don't worry.  Obama will appoint a bipartisan committee to investigate
> > which will report back in two years.  Congress will hold hearings.  A
> > bill will be proposed to tax IP addresses.
> >
>And ensure access to IP addresses by the homeless.  The are also
>rumblings about taking portions of 10/8 and making a national IP address
>preserve where the addresses must remain unused and in their natural
>state while a monument to 196.168/16 is planned for the lobby of UN
>Headquarters in New York.  It is hoped that the 10/8 IPs in reserve will
>return to their original state despite the hard use they have
>experienced over recent decades.  But beware, North Korea has been
>issuing counterfeit ARIN IP addresses and some third world countries
>have been found to be trafficking in 0/8 which is extremely dangerous.
>Addresses recently imported by ARIN from APNIC have been found to
>actually be 127/8 IPs that have simply had the original numbers scraped
>off and new numbers so skillfully applied that it is difficult to tell
>them from the original. Be careful out there.
>Where does one get an IP address degree?

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