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> Don't worry.  Obama will appoint a bipartisan committee to investigate
> which will report back in two years.  Congress will hold hearings.  A
> bill will be proposed to tax IP addresses.

And ensure access to IP addresses by the homeless.  The are also
rumblings about taking portions of 10/8 and making a national IP address
preserve where the addresses must remain unused and in their natural
state while a monument to 196.168/16 is planned for the lobby of UN
Headquarters in New York.  It is hoped that the 10/8 IPs in reserve will
return to their original state despite the hard use they have
experienced over recent decades.  But beware, North Korea has been
issuing counterfeit ARIN IP addresses and some third world countries
have been found to be trafficking in 0/8 which is extremely dangerous.
Addresses recently imported by ARIN from APNIC have been found to
actually be 127/8 IPs that have simply had the original numbers scraped
off and new numbers so skillfully applied that it is difficult to tell
them from the original. Be careful out there.
Where does one get an IP address degree?

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