Joe Abley jabley at
Wed Mar 24 19:14:12 CDT 2010

On 2010-03-24, at 13:12, Ken Gilmour wrote:

> We had a 6.2 last year in Costa Rica... We immediately regretted where we
> had placed our racks and are almost finished a project to move them to a
> concrete floor (rather than that compressed cardboard stuff). Lost a lot of
> hard drives that day! We regularly have quakes between the 4-5 region here.
> By regularly, i mean a minimum of 5 times a year in different parts of the
> country.

If there is interest in data centre provisioning or construction, disaster planning or inside/outside plant strategies intended to mitigate damage by earthquakes then the NZNOG list might well be a good English-language place to get some advice.

Earthquakes of magnitude 4 and up happen pretty regularly (several times per week is common).


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