Need advise for a linux firewall

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> > One caveat for the current PFsense: traffic shaping in 1.2.3 release
> is
> > somewhat borked (1.2.2 works much better) and it doesn't work with
> more
> > than 2 interfaces, so 1 wan - 1 lan is OK.
> --As for the rest, it is mine.
> One more, given the other current thread going on at the moment: The
> current version of PFsense doesn't support IPv6 through the GUI.  (The
> OS
> and PF support it, but you have to log in to a shell to configure it.)
That is why we use Debian with IPtables (works great, easy to manage).
Deploying anything now that doesn't fully support IPv6 is something I won't
do unless there is no other option (and I strongly advice everyone else to
be at least IPv6 ready).

> It's on their to-do list.
> Daniel T. Staal
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Sorry, legally I am allowed to do that by local laws.

Regards, Mark

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