Filtered 6to4, what else to use (Re: IPv6 enabled carriers?)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Mar 11 12:30:02 CST 2010

TJ wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Chris Woodfield <rekoil at>wrote:
>> To pile on in the spirit of "if people don't complain, nothing will change"
>> - is VZB still insisting on filtering >/32 at their peers? While ARIN is
>> allocating /40s and /48s directly?
> I believe so ... will be even more impactful as LTE gets deployed.
> Another nit - They are also blocking Protocol41 on their EV-DO network.
> While this is a 'noble, if poorly thought out, effort' to prevent IPv6 from
> impacting their cel phone users - it kind of messes up those of us who have
> aircards (and got used to 6to4 for quick and dirty IPv6 connectivity).

If you want quick&dirty then 6to4 is not going to help you in most cases
anyway, as you are mostly landing behind a NAT, as such Teredo (miredo
on non-windows boxes) is a way out and there is of course TSP which can
run over TSP and AYIYA. For some magical reason I prefer the last ;)

Also note that is it is their network, they can filter all they want,
just like you do you in your own.

(How did you btw determine that it is filtered, maybe the 6to4 packets
are just not coming back from a broken relay somewhere, that is very
hard to determine)


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