Desperately Seeking APNIC

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Mar 4 16:57:57 CST 2010

In message <63ac96a51003041437o3fe7ddc7i78acae067263a5c7 at>, Matth
ew Petach writes:
> Would anyone here know of any 24x7 contact at APNIC?  The TXT records
> indicate they just signed the reverse zone for today, and
> the delegations for our IP blocks disappeared when they did; and the helpdesk
>  is
> currently not answering the phones:
> Trying to find someone there who can fix the delegations within the
> zone for 222 and 223 for us, and am running
> into dead ends.  :/  Any pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Matt

I would just try now.  APNIC is based in Brisbane which is UTC +10:00.

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