IPv6 consumer perception

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at marcoh.net
Fri Jun 18 12:48:00 CDT 2010

On 18 jun 2010, at 18:04, Zed Usser wrote:

> With marketing campaigns like these, no consumer will want to use IPv6, if it becomes associated with privacy problems.
> http://torrentfreak.com/huge-security-flaw-makes-vpns-useless-for-bittorrent-100617/
> It is, of course, totally irrelevant whether the reporting is factually correct or even based on real IPv6 issues or not, this is how public opinion is formed. 
> The only takeaway from this to a non-technical user is that IPv6 is bad and the correct solution is to turn it off.

Why do people still think consumers 'want IPv6', they want IPv6 as much as they want IPv4. They don't know what an IP addresses is, let alone will grasp the whole idea there are 2 kinds.

All they want is their googles, facebooks, twitters and the occasional download to work (of course nobody would admit to filesharing). And it's our job to make it so, wether it's via IPv6 or CGN. In the end they won't have much choice and if we do our jobs correctly, 95 % of them won't even notice.

Just my 2 cents,


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