Future of WiMax

Bret Clark bclark at spectraaccess.com
Thu Jun 17 14:00:21 UTC 2010

On 06/17/2010 09:46 AM, Dennis Burgess wrote:
> Lots of my clients (Wireless ISPs) have looked into deploying it,
> however the costs are well over 20 times the cost of a unlicensed system
> per access point.
Yeah...that is really the crux of the problem. Every WISP I know would 
switch over in a heartbeat if the upfront cost was the same as deploying 
many well know 5.8GHz systems. Battling with interference in the 5.8GHz 
can be tough at times, at least with the 3.65GHz range there is some 
control over frequency use, but even so, dealing with frequency use in 
5.8GHz is worth it for the cost savings.

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