Enhancing automation with network growth

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Jan 26 19:24:40 UTC 2010

Steve Bertrand wrote:

> Can anyone offer up ideas on how you manage any automation in this
> regard for their infrastructure gear traffic graphs? (Commercial options
> welcome, off-list, but we're as small as our budget is).

By popular request, a list of the most suggested software packages. Some
were more related to network management in general as opposed to traffic
graphic, but

- netdisco
which I've already got up and running. Although I've only added a few of
our devices so far, I can see already how this will be an extremely
valuable multi-purpose tool

- rancid
which I've been using for quite some time already for config management

- cacti
which I'm strongly considering installing/testing

- opennms
which appears that it will duplicate many functions I already have
deployed on the network (and that I'm happy with), but I may give it a
try anyway. If I don't use it, I've got a few 'on the side' clients that
could benefit from this all-inclusive package

- snmpstat
which I may install and test, if only to look at a replacement for my
custom BGP peering alerting system

- MRTG, with a custom cfgmaker. This was my original idea. If those who
recommended this could/are allowed to share their code, please let me know

- netflow v9
the majority of my devices don't support this (unfortunately)

- bandwidthd
already in use for protocol based statistics. This doesn't run full-time
in our network, I usually only drop it into place on a span port if I
see sustained extreme increases of traffic on a link

- IPPlan
been using it for a few years

Some software supports IPv6, others don't (or have limited capability).
Polling IPv6 accounting isn't possible via SNMP, so using scripts with
SSH/Telnet access is the only way around that problem for a lot of gear.

Cheers, and thanks!


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