Enhancing automation with network growth

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Tue Jan 26 08:23:15 UTC 2010

On 26/01/2010 00:48, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> My original post was completely concerned on automating the process of
> spinning traffic throughput graphs. Are there any software packages that
> stand out that have the ability to differentiate throughput between
> v4/v6, as opposed to the aggregate of the interface? (I will continue
> reading docs of all recommendations, but this may expedite the process a
> bit).

That's a feature of the switch you are probing, not the monitoring suite
per se.

e.g. I have Cisco CPE that does count the difference :

bcliffe-gw#sh int accounting | b Vlan1
Vlan1 Wired network VLAN
                Protocol    Pkts In   Chars In   Pkts Out  Chars Out
                      IP    4587251 1137174268    4757409 3669014365
                     ARP      12595     755700      52409    3144540
                    IPv6     188872   20699030     223349  131947020

.... but these numbers can not be polled via SNMP, so the only way to
graph this device is with an expect script and telnet access.  Nice. :-)

There is an ipv6MIB, with some interface stats defined under, but I do not know of a family of devices which
supports this for sure.

If your devices support Netflow9, then this -- whilst an extremely
heavy/"kitchen sink" approach -- will give you any degree of granularity
that you like.

Not long term reliable, but if your v6 is presented via a tunnel, you
could graph that tunnel interface ?  Yuck, yuck (but we did measure some
ipv6 traffic use (more than we expected actually) at a recent
operational meeting in the UK)

Please let us all know if you find something with good v6 snmp support.


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