1/8 and 27/8 allocated to APNIC

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 15:16:12 UTC 2010

Nick Hilliard wrote:
> On 22/01/2010 13:54, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> Why not 36 & 37?
> Random selection to ensure that no RIR can accuse IANA of bias.  See
> David's previous post:
> http://blog.icann.org/2009/09/selecting-which-8-to-allocate-to-an-rir/
Because relying on a blog post for policy really meets everybody's
definition of rationality.... :-(

If you're assigning 2 at the same time, they should be adjacent.

The dribbles here and there policy never was particularly satisfying,
because it assumes that this was all temporary until the widespread
deployment of IPv6.

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