Housing situations sought for the family of Reynold Guerrier

Eric Brunner-Williams brunner at nic-naa.net
Thu Jan 21 22:07:47 UTC 2010

Naturally, I didn't make all the local connections I could have before 
I needed them when I went to NANOG-45, graciously hosted by Terremark.

I think it is unlikely that any of the three paths -- parole from 
Homeland Security, visa from State, and Congressional action, are 
likely to occur within finite time. Not only is the situation on the 
ground profoundly difficult, but we constantly encounter questions 
about the necessity of network continuity at all, or the value of any 
one person maintaining the operational integrity of the NAP/IXP/uW 
relay serving the Haitian government, on-site NGOs, and cellular traffic.

So I'm turning again to the Operator Community for help. If you have 
contacts in the DR that could help Reynold's wife Dominique and their 
children, Nikki, age 3, and Aurelia, age 1, please send them to me.

Housing for four. When Dominique and the kids are secure, Reynold is 
going back to the data center in Boutillers, which consists of the 
microwave relay to the Dominican Republic, the Internet Exchange point 
(IX) he normally operates, and Network Access Point (NAP), since the 
event. There is no other skilled person present. Basically, Reynold 
has inherited the entire facility, as the operator of the IXP hosted 
in the larger data center, and some technicians, who he now provides 
for and manages.

The distance from Port au Prince to Santo Domingo is 5 hours, road 
condition and boarder control time included.


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