Housing situations sought for the family of Reynold Guerrier

Tim Lampman tim at broadlinenetworks.com
Thu Jan 21 22:19:28 UTC 2010

Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:
> Naturally, I didn't make all the local connections I could have before 
> I needed them when I went to NANOG-45, graciously hosted by Terremark.
> I think it is unlikely that any of the three paths -- parole from 
> Homeland Security, visa from State, and Congressional action, are 
> likely to occur within finite time. Not only is the situation on the 
> ground profoundly difficult, but we constantly encounter questions 
> about the necessity of network continuity at all, or the value of any 
> one person maintaining the operational integrity of the NAP/IXP/uW 
> relay serving the Haitian government, on-site NGOs, and cellular traffic.
> So I'm turning again to the Operator Community for help. If you have 
> contacts in the DR that could help Reynold's wife Dominique and their 
> children, Nikki, age 3, and Aurelia, age 1, please send them to me.
> Housing for four. When Dominique and the kids are secure, Reynold is 
> going back to the data center in Boutillers, which consists of the 
> microwave relay to the Dominican Republic, the Internet Exchange point 
> (IX) he normally operates, and Network Access Point (NAP), since the 
> event. There is no other skilled person present. Basically, Reynold 
> has inherited the entire facility, as the operator of the IXP hosted 
> in the larger data center, and some technicians, who he now provides 
> for and manages.
> The distance from Port au Prince to Santo Domingo is 5 hours, road 
> condition and boarder control time included.
> Eric
I have forwarded this to several friends that are currently in the DR. 
Two of them are involved with housing/building projects.
Hopefully someone they know there is able to help out. I'll contact you 
off list if I get any information.

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