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Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Thu Jan 21 04:16:09 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Steve Bertrand <steve at ibctech.ca> said:
> One thing that would take a major load off would be if my MRTG system
> could simply update its config/index files for itself, instead of me
> having to  do it on each and every port change.

Is MRTG a requirement, or just some type of statistical monitoring?
There are other packages that can do (or be made to do) what you want.

I switched from MRTG to Cricket many years ago, and a big improvement
there is that you configure interface names (and Cricket handles
tracking the index).  There are add-ons like genDevConfig (replaces
genRtrConfig) that can auto-generate configs for you.  The only downside
to Cricket is that development has stagnated (I think it is a case of
"it works for me" for most everybody using it).

There's also Cacti, which is newer and more current.
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