SORBS on autopilot?

Logan Vig at
Fri Jan 15 18:50:08 UTC 2010

On Jan 15, 2010, at 10:06 AM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
For fast approval:

Log ticket -> robot checks rDNS for all networks listed in ticket ->
robot confirms all space is static and submits the ticket to the
removals queue where it is manually checked by a human and processed.

For manual approval:

Log ticket -> robot checks rDNS for all networks listed in ticket ->
robot denies delisting request sending response -> OP changes something
and replies, just states they are the whois listed appropriate contact,
or gives some reason why the robot is wrong and reopens the ticket with
the reply -> SORBS volunteer reviews the available information from the
robot and the subsequent reply from the OP and manually submits to the
removals queue or rejects and gives a human response as to why (eg like
with Shaw, Road Runner, Verizon, etc listings) the information is
provided by the ISP and any delisting will be reversed within a week.

Neither of these were the case in July-August 2008 when I was attempting to have a /18 from delisted from your DUHL. It had previously been part of an Adelphia /14 which had been reclaimed by ARIN.

I submitted numerous tickets, changed my RDNS (entries and TTL's), and submitted numerous replies via your RT system after the robot denied the requests. Not a single one of my tickets ever received a human reply from one of your administrators despite numerous replies from me via RT to the delisting tickets, and no errors in my RDNS configuration.

After a month of head scratching and growing tired of submitting tickets and replies, I decided to submit the blocks one /24 at a time to see if I could get at least part of the /18 usable that way. The first few /24 delisting requests I submitted were immediately delisted by the robot. So I continued through the entire /18 and by the end of the day the whole /18 had been removed from your DUHL. That leads me to believe your DUHL robot cannot process subnets larger than /24, as nothing had changed on my end in the 24 hours between my last /18 removal request and the numerous /24 delisting requests I submitted.

Between the lack of responses to my RT tickets, and the seeming inability of your automated system to properly process removal requests for ISP sized subnet allocations, I would have to say from experience that your DUHL delisting procedure is extremely flawed and was a total nightmare to get the /18 I was assigned from ARIN to a usable state.

Here are some tickets to review:





and for the /24's which finally resulted in the /18 being delisted:


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