SORBS on autopilot?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Fri Jan 15 20:17:11 UTC 2010

Logan Vig wrote:
> Here are some tickets to review:
> 205929
> 206524
> 207964
> 208986
> and for the /24's which finally resulted in the /18 being delisted:
> 208996-209062

Well from the initial look you kept submitting new tickets and the SORBS 
staff kept merging them into the latest ticket as previously stated.  
You in effect delayed any human response yourself....  and it looks like 
you managed to exploit a flaw in the system to bypass the delisting 
rules as you were not entitled to be delisted at the time. 

I'd suggest you might want to not push things or I will review the 
entire entry with a view to correcting any incorrect delisting.  No 
that's not retaliatory, that's just correcting an error that you have 
just alerted me to... (if however, you are entitled not to be listed 
now, the entry would not be re-instated..)


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