BGP testbed tools

Jason Lewis jlewis at
Wed Jan 13 01:31:34 UTC 2010

This might do what you need:

MDFMT - MRT dump file manipulation toolkit

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Ben Jencks <ben at> wrote:

> This is obviously a rookie question, but I haven't found anything by
> searching. I'm looking to set up a small testbed to simulate our
> internal network topology, and I want to have a realistic BGP table
> from the fake "upstream" routers. Ideally what I'd like to do is dump
> the BGP table from our production routers, strip the immediate
> neighbor AS, and load the table into Quagga or OpenBGPD to advertise.
> I'm running into two problems: how do you dump BGP tables in a
> machine-parseable format from IOS, and how do you make the route
> server advertise the routes as they were in the original table,
> including the full AS-path, communities, etc? If Quagga/OpenBGPD
> aren't the right tools, I'm happy to use something else.
> This seems like it would be a pretty standard thing to do, but none of
> the tools I've found seem aimed at this sort of testbed.
> Thanks!
> -Ben Jencks

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