BIRD vs Quagga

Nathan Ward nanog at
Sat Feb 13 01:01:06 UTC 2010

On 13/02/2010, at 11:51 AM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

> fwiw, I've also heard good things about bgpd(8) and ospfd(8), but I
> haven't tried those either...zebra/Quagga just stuck.

OpenBGPd would be great for a public route server at an IX.

It's not so great for use in a network unless you run it on OpenBSD - FreeBSD has no metric attribute in it's routing tables, so next-hop IGP metric cannot be compared as the two daemons do not communicate directly at all.
If you're on anything other than OpenBSD, I recommend Quagga. I can't comment on BIRD as I have no experience with it yet.

XORP is also interesting, it's a more JunOS like interface. It's also some quite heavy C++, so running it on the tiny Soekris boxes that I had meant it wouldn't work for me. If you can spare the CPU and RAM then give XORP a go.

Nathan Ward

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