Ticket/Asset Managment system

Jeffrey Negro jnegro at billtrust.com
Fri Feb 12 17:41:23 UTC 2010

I'd second this.  RT is a really nice ticketing system with great email
capabilities.  Use nagios to send an email to an address you have RT
configured to receive, and you can even pipe that email address directly
into a specific ticket queue within RT.

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"Brandon Grant" <brandon at momentous.ca> writes:

> Also, I am hoping to find a tool that can tie in with SNMP software so
> I can have tickets auto-generated for certain types of SNMP traps or
> polling failures.

Do it the other way round: Use something like Nagios, Zabbix or Icinga
for monitoring and if a fault is detected let the monitoring system 
send a message to your ticket system. 

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