Re: Adopt‐an‐Haitian‐Internet‐technician‐or‐facility

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at
Mon Feb 8 21:07:30 UTC 2010

> There is the general problem of control, one reason the IRC contacted CORE
> was to investigate a .redcross so that they could reduce their loss to
> disaster fraud. Of course, we have to wait on ICANN to get a .redcross or
> .icrc or ... .ouch into the root so that it becomes more generally useful as
> a trusted sink of private and public packetized cash.

I'd leave that statement and discussion for another thread, I think
that stating that the DNS and ICANN's mission is to provide certain
level of trust for worthy causes is out of the scope of the original
message and I'd also say this list.

With all due respect I don't believe that this is the time or cause to
inject the gTLD applicants "propaganda" to justify the need or
implicit community approval for such a gTLD.

Let's go back to the original subject.

I'd not mind if somebody properly sets up an easy and legit way for
individuals or members of the "networking community" a way to donate
small quantities to help Raynold and his crew directly via things such
as PayPal, but there is a ton of aid going to HT, perhaps somebody
with access can influence the process to better direct the funds where
they are needed.


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